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  • By Rick Steves, 209 pages
  • How travel has shaped Rick's world view
  • Lessons we can learn from other countries and cultures
  • Watch Rick's 80 second video

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  • It's eye-opening: Travel as a Political Act starts with the premise that we can't begin to understand the world without experiencing it. Travel connects people to people, it helps us fit more productively into a shrinking world, and it inspires creative new solutions to persistent problems.
  • It's personal: Through his own experiences, Rick explains how anyone can travel more thoughtfully — anywhere. And he shares a series of his field reports from Europe, Central America, and the Middle East to show how travel has shaped his politics and broadened his perspective.
  • It's good for you: Americans who approach travel thoughtfully — as a political act — can have the time of their lives and come home with a better understanding of the interconnectedness of today's world and just how our nation fits in.
  • The Society of American Travel Writers named the first edition of this book "Travel Book of the Year" in 2010.
  • Rick donates all royalties from the sale of this book to Bread for the World, a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to ending hunger.
  • Learn more about Rick's social activism...
  • 1st Edition, 2009. Next Edition: November 2014.

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